'Edit recurrence' for task setup not found

Hi, according to the manual it should be possible to setup recurring tasks:

However, I can’t find that option. Most probably I’m overlooking the “Edit recurrence” option as described in the manual.
Any hints would be much appreciated!

click on a task. once rhe task opens, on the left sidebar, under “actions” you will see “edit recurrence”

Thank you so much, Craig!
I’m using the MinimizeSidebar plugin and the KanboardTaskButtonsReposition, and somehow ‘forgot’ to open the sidebar…
When I follow the manual “or use the drop-down menu on the board”, I don’t see the option to edit the recurrency. Could it be removed by a plugin?

edit recurrence, can not be found in the drop down, with or without the plugin you refer to.

you need to go into the task and it is on the sidebar.

It appears that the manual is wrong.

my guess would be that the dropdown has changed since the docs were written, and that an old version of kanboard worked that way, maybe the link was accidentally removed over time.

after checking, the manual was written when it was version 1.0.15. and at that time, “edit recurrence” was in the dropdown.

its not anymore.

Thanks for your investigation, Craig!
It seems to me that the removal from the dropdown was done accidentally, since the function is still available in the sidebar and not is announced as obsolete. Do you agree that this might be a bug?

I would call it an “oversight”, it could have been removed for a reason. I’m unsure.