Feature Request | Add Task descriptions to card in Board View

I’d consider this as a critical danger for the board layout. But one or two optional summary lines below the title would be OK, IMHO.

Yeah I know what you mean,

the reason I ask is that I need to be able to add images from another domain/server as cover images on the cards as I don’t want to store media data on the board itself as it slows down the API requests (I’d rather just pass links through the API but still have the ability to add the link as a cover image)

the answer is yes, easily. do i need to explain how?
there is also a plugin called coverimage, that adds images to cards, it wont slow down the api.

Ok Cool, Yes I am using the cover images plugin. I’d like to be able to use a link to an image hosted elsewhere as the cover image instead of an attachment. is that possible?

with a little code modification, sure.


Does anyone know how to modify the ‘Cover Images’ plugin?

Thanks in advance

Yes. How descriptive do you need me to be?

The taskfile/images template allows a user to set it. (using images attached to a task, this is where you will need the most work, to allow user to paste a url instead, you will also have to figure out where to put this user input/save. Customizer plugin has this exact feature to set the login background, take cues from that)
The Controller routes the actions and send the variables. (easy change here, dont send a file id, instead send a url)
The Model stores/gets it from metadata. (same as controller, will really just change the var name)
The board/task Template displays it. (just change the img src to use the stored url, instead of using the fileviewcontroller to get the image)

if you cant figure it out beyond that, let me know. im a poor white man(i guess thats relative), with 3 kids, a wife, dog, cat, bunny, 12 chickens and 1 income, my time is worth sometihing :slight_smile:

I know nothing(I can hack) about php. I can pay you! as long as I can post the solution on here for future ref for everyone :slight_smile:. just need to get this sorted out as downloading files over json api requests is always going to be slow; I need links to work instead (referencing my other forum post)

no worries. do you want to keep the current functionality of coverimage, and add this? or a seperate plugin that only sets the task cover image this new way?

not sure, whatever is the most efficient way? potentially a separate plugin? also I have a few other plugins that I need (can pay for) for kanboard, at least I think they would be plugins…

kk, let me do this one, and then we can talk about the others. give me a day or two.

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ok sounds good, let me know if you need any info or if I can be of any help, the client I’m making is in pyside2 but that’s probably irrelevant for what I’m asking about

fyi, i know nothing about python, think ive said this before.

all good, I don’t think that would be an issue as it’s all on the client side after the request

Test Drive it:

nice! yes totally works!


I am getting an error when attaching the link:

so this part works:

however when i save the link I get redirected to a controller not found page:



do I need to have the cover images plugin installed as well?

Also ‘editing’ a meta data entry now sends me to a page with nothing but a form on it:


no, im pretty sure using both cover image plugins would be an issue. i didnt test that tho.

ill double check for errors in a bit, maybe i forget to commit something.

Found the problem, updated repo.

I tested the “Edit Metadata Feature” with and without this CoverimageURL plugin, and I had the same result as you. Sent me to new page with form. Did it use to do something different?

I think it opened a lightbox overlay thing?

interesting, its unrelated whatever the issue is.