Hoslitic task view

As user involved in different projects, I would like to see a Task and Subtask list for all projects I’m involved in, ordered by due date (or by id, in case a due date is not defined yet).
Would be nice to be able to filter tasks by project.
A simple “report like” interface would be described as:

[x] Project 1 [x] Project 2 [x] Project three [search]
Project 1 - Task 1: Due Date 2022-02-18 - Create a new UI for user list page, including a record paginator
Project 2 - Task 37: Due Date 2022-02-19 - Change backend query for users to return total records and a page of records. Endpoint should receive parameters page size and actual page.

Would be nice if tasks are a like to real board task, so user can easly navigate to.