How to debug an automatic action?


Some of projects used on my kanboard instance use “automatic actions” in order to automatize some “routines”.

I have one of these projects which seems to have a problem with the automatic action : “Assign automatically a color based on category” => Even if you choose a category, the color setup on the automatic action is never set.

I have tried to :

  • Restore a backup on a different environnement and I’m not able to reproduce the problem
  • Duplicate the project and I’m not able to reproduce the problem
  • Delete the automatic actions and recreate it, the problem still persists.
    (There are no conflicts with other automatic actions)

How can I debug this automatic action and check if all is good and why the color is not set ?


can you replicate here:

edit: of course after re reading, you probably can’t reproduce.

And there are no logs?


Impossible to reproduce on another project ;(

I can’t check the debug logs because I have hundred of People connected at the same time, the logs are spammed.
But on php error : no error.

I Will try tomorrow to restore the whole platform on my local computer.

I’d throw some error_logs in to the action to break down the route of the cause.

This way you can determine if it’s even triggering, or if it is, what is wrong, and if not I’d add error_logs to the trigger.