Install on Synology with SSL

Hi forum,

I heard some great things about KanBoard and want to run it on my Synology NAS, but can’t get it to work for the life of me. I installed it in a Docker container and got to the point where I can reach it from outside under; this port directs to the internal Docker port 443. Of course I got a “not secure” warning as the certificate didn’t match my server name, but I copied my certificate and key into the certificate folder (named kanboard.crt and kanboard.key as these files are automatically recreated everytime the container is restarted if they were deleted). So far so good, but when I enter the standard credentials (admin/admin) I get an error from firefox stating there were too many redirects.
Or is it because I didn’t do anything about setting up the database? The db.sqlite is in the data folder; I thought that is sufficient?
Please help a desperate fellow human being!

Does it work if you don’t use your own SSL certificate? If it does, then the certificate files you’re providing may be causing the problem.

I’ve got it running on a Synology NAS, but without a custom SSL certificate, so it’s just using the default certificate that it generates.

Here is some of the version and config info of the one I’m running:

Application version: v1.2.14
PHP version: 7.3.16
OS version: Linux 4.4.59+
Database driver: sqlite
Database version: 3.30.1 

Maybe Application URL in Application settings doesn’t match your certificate? I’m running KB in Docker on Synology with SSL and it works fine