List of tasks that I have recently closed

I need to create a report in every week with the tasks that I have closed. I’m not able to get a list of them.

Some key points:

  • A task might have been closed by me, while it was not assigned to me. In other words: the assignee:me filter cannot be used for this.

  • If I go to a project and list tasks in the table view, it is not possible to display and/or order the tasks by “close date”. Tasks are not opened and closed in the same order. So this list cannot be used to collect the tasks there were closed in “this week” or any other interval.

  • I would like to list all of them from all projects. But it does not seem to be possible. (Tasks can only be listed for a given project.)

It would be the best to create a new page where I could filter for all of the tasks that I have closed, and filter/order by the close date. I think this is a general report that would be used by many users. (Everybody has a boss that will eventually ask: “what have you accomplished in this month?”.

Meanwhile I have found that there is something similar:

status:closed completedRange:“2019-06-01…2019-06-07”

but it still lacks the “closed by me” part. Could that be added to the filters?

You’d have to add a column to the task table, and define it in a model to save the user id of who actually closed the task. Then you could create a filter for it.