Filter task list by last activity


Oftentimes I find myself wanting to filter the “My tasks” list by last activity.
This would be really helpful e.g. to notice recent comments.

I couldn’t find this filter so I would like to suggest this to you.


Not sure I follow.

“My activity stream” , I think that’s what you are looking for.



Thanks creecros for the fast reply.
I don’t really have a “My activity stream” view here I guess.

On my dashboard I got three menu items in the top bar:

  • New private project
  • Project management
  • Activity stream

The left sidebar contains the following items:

  • Overview
  • My projects
  • My tasks
  • My sub tasks

If I click on “Activity stream” in the top bar, a popup opens with recent activity in any task not just those assigned to me.
“My projects”, “My tasks” and “My sub tasks” of course only contain items that are assigned to me and I also can order them e.g. by task id, due date, category etc. but unfortunately not by recent activity.

The activity stream isn’t really useful for me as there is potentially a lot of activity going on there that I don’t care about.
I just want to know what happens with tasks assigned to me.

Is my “Activity stream” the same as your “My activity stream” and it’s just a translation issue or is it a different thing?


ya, same thing. Should include tasks that you also created, not just assigned to you.

EDIT: Actually, after playing around with it, looks like it shows pretty much every event.


You could also use your Notifications, which you’ll have some control over:


yes, activity stream show every event thus it’s pretty useless for me.
the bell icon doesn’t do anything when i click on it although it’s blue colored and i would expect that it means that there are unread notifications.
i enabled email notifications for now, maybe this helps out a bit.


I’ve noticed, sometimes I have to reload the page for the bell icon to work.