Maintenance mode

Actual behaviour

To prevent users accessing the app it’s required to tweak reverse proxy settings.
If docker image is used without reverse proxy you have disable port forwarding.
Rel: lock system for user access · Issue #1244 · kanboard/kanboard · GitHub

Expected behaviour

I want to be able to set maintenance mode for application via console command, config variable or environment var.
It’s required to do some installation or migration.
I think it should look like Maintenance — Nextcloud 15 Administration Manual 15 documentation.

  1. Start application in maintenance mode
  2. Do installation/migration steps
  3. Disable maintenance mode

As additional case I want to be able to login as admin in maintenance mode to do some checking.
The other users should see something like: App is under maintenance. Please come later.
Nextcloud in maintenance mode

Also it would be great to enable maintenance mode temporary while doing migration.

  1. User runs ./cli db:migrate
  2. Maintenance mode enabled
  3. Instance migrating database
  4. Maintenance mode disabled
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