MetaMagik not working

MetaMagik is not working in the new update of kanboard

I use the latest Kanban Version: 1.2.25 with MetaMagik 1.5.2 and this works.

Du you have MetaMagik in the list of installed PlugIn in Kanboard? Which Versions do you have?

1.2.25 and the metamagik i use the latest version

you will need to provide more details, as this is specific to you. MetaMagik works just fine with latest version of KB.

You did not provide enough information to allow us to help you. I asked: is MetaMagik in the list of installed plugins in Kanboard PlugIn Section.

Furthermore you may enable “debug” in config.php in the main Kanboard folder. After a reload you will find a debug.log in the data folder. Doublecheck it’s content for warnings or errors.

Cheers, Fx