No webhook event for updating / adding Metadata?

I just tried to add a meta data field through the GUI and found out there is no webhook event.
Also updating an existing field does not trigger a webhook.

Is this on purpose?
Could this be added?


If you take a look at the metadata models in Kanboard, you’ll notice, no events are fired. There is also no GUI for metadata natively in Kanboard, so I would say it is working as intended. MetaMagik utilizes Kanboards metadata models, so, that to, would technically be working as expected. Additions to the code, to trigger events could be added, for sure, from either the plugin, or the native code. I probably won’t be the person to do it though, unless I’m blessed with lots of time in the coming days.


I will reflect if I need it and probably try to come up with some code. But right now I also have no time :frowning:
Thanks for the info.