Milestone Plugin putting time of linked tasks in parent task

i use kanboard so i need tasks in another lane to put time on a task… i think the milestone plugin could do this but it needs tweaking… is there any way someone can help me with this? I can compensate as needed

describe exactly what you want, and exactly how you want it to work. step by step.

I would have a task in a lane, which I would have to receive and add up the estimated time and expenses of other tasks in another lane through the milestone link… sorry for the bad English

Not really enough info for me.

I need tasks that are a milestone of another to add up the hours spent and estimated in the target task

I’m sorry, as I’m a new member, I can’t put photos

so, if it is:

add up all the spent and estimated time, to the main project it is a milestone of?

Would that include any time spent or estimated time within the main project itself?

What’s the incentive?

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Yes, exactly that… it’s just that here in my team, we use one lane as a stage and another is the activities and we need to quantify how much is spent on each stage, so I need you to add all the milestones in addition to the stage

so in this instance, If I added “Total Time Estimated: 3.5 hours” and “Total Time Spent: 6 hours” under the current “Time estimated” and “Time spent”, that would be what you are looking for?

Does it need to be exportable information? Or just show up in the Summary panel?

I just want it to appear … in this case of the photo the amount that would result would be 5 of hours spent and 3 of estimates, do you understand?

your math is wrong if you include the stage.

and yes i can do this, once you iron out your details. include the stage or not.

also, you never gave an incentive.

Sorry for the delay for the return friend, as soon as the reward tells me your price and how can I send it, I will do so

Ok, I’m done, but just make sure this is correct: (Pink + Pink = Green)

Only works if it “targets milestone”.

Does not reciprocate, if it “is a milestone of”, i.e. only works when you open a task that has tasks that “targets milestone”

I spent about an hour, so whatever you think that’s worth:

And here is the Repo:

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It helped me a lot, friend, I’ll give you what I can because my currency is little in front of yours :sob:

I’m trying to put this information on the card too… do you think it’s possible?

on this:

Yes it’s possible. A bit more work than previous request.

Yes, here we have a manager where he likes to have a more macro and fast vision

Added and updated repo. FYI, your donation doesn’t even buy me a hamburger at mcdonalds, for perspective.


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