MS Access DB configuration

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to configure an MS Access DB with Kanboard. In this case, what is the correct procedure and during configuration what do I insert as “define (‘DB_DRIVER’, ‘mysql’);”?
Thank you all

Hey Anto,
I don’t think it is trivial task to run Kanboard with an MS-Access-database, although it should not be technically impossible, because PHP’s PDO could use ODBC as a driver to connect to MS Access.

From all I can see in the Kanboard-documentation it is currently not supported, while you have these 3 choices:

Is there a special reason, why you want to use MS-Access or is it just due to the fact, that you don’t have a database-server available ?? If so, then go with Sqlite, because that just uses one file, with no need for an extra database-server.

Hope that helps,

Hello Anto,

May this help you… If you want to locally browse and edit the DB, you can use the SQLLite Browser ( - freeware) to manage the DB… If your DB is in the server, you can use a program to map the ftp as a local windows unit (such NetDrive or similar) to make the browse of the DB at the server more simple and fast.