Plugin Indicateurs (not working)

Did anyone somehow manage to use this plugin?

hello, which one? do you have a link?

Unfinished work, I guess.

   public function getClasses()
        return array();

Thats a completely un needed function.

I don’t see an issue, runs just fine on my machine, that said, i don’t know what it is supposed to do, so I couldn’t tell you if it works or not.

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ah i found this a few weeks back… hate that even the core code of the plugin is using french (i think its french)… all code should be in american english by standard.

shame as the pictures look like a lot of work is put into the plugin…

ok it definately isn’t doing anything, seems to be JS issue


I suspected that… how about you put the version you have on your machine to see if it works here?

I dont understand the ask. I have the same version as anyone else, I just downloaded and installed from the git repo.

and I did put it on my machine, and reported back my findings. It doesn’t work, seems to be a js issue.


No one with a solution? I believe this plugin help the whole community

How will it help? I don’t know what it’s purpose is and I don’t understand French language never mind French code

post an issue on the plugins issue page. Let the author address your issue. He is both french, and the author, so he is the best person to offer a solution.


Heck, i’ts a nasty beast. But I have some success…

lol, but what is it?!?!?

Finished. It’s a nice tool, I really like it. But unfortunately, it’s all in French.

Thank you very much, my friend!!!

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To tell the truth… it didn’t work here, besides that somehow all the dropdowns stopped working

I had to extend the patch, maybe this was hitting you? Please install once again.

Now he opens the charts but doesn’t load the data