Creecros plugins

Hey guys,

I have reached a point where I simply do not have the time or resources to maintain any of my plugins any longer.

Kanboards a great tool, and its been a pleasure and great learning experience to have participated in providing some useful plugins for it.

If anyone wishes to maintain any of these plugins, simply ask, otherwise, I apologize for my inability to keep them up to date. I will always be reachable to answer questions, and will still drop by the forums from time to time.


heyo, I’ve began working on some plugins over the last few months.
I could take over as I don’t see my team moving away from kanboard anytime soon.

I can add you to the repositories. Which ones do you want to be on?

the popular ones I can think of:
group assign

if you run in to questions on them, you can hit me up. I have no way to test anything tho.

you can add me on any of them

you are all set. I pre-approve all changes you wish to make.

cool! thank you very much