Plugin "MarkdownPLUS 1.1.4" will not update, is completely broken ✅


  1. Open PluginManager
    » Shows MarkdownPLUS 1.1.3 and hint “Actualize!”
  2. Click button “Actualize”
    » Expected: “Idle” in Browser TAB for a moment
    Actual: Nothing
  3. Reload / Update Browser Page
    » Expected: button “Actualize” disappears
    Actual: stays :disappointed_relieved:

Additional info:

a) I checked version info in my Installed MarkdownPLUS: Still 1.1.3
b) I checked Version info in MarkdownPLUS from GitHub: Plugin.php shows 1.1.4
c) I did not update manually because some more tests might be necessary / interesting!?

My questions

z) Reproducible for you?
y) any Ideas?

My KANBOARD installation

  • Application Version 1.2.33 Installed on 25 November 2023
  • PHP Version 7.4.33
  • PHP SAPI fpm-fcgi
  • HTTP Client cURL
  • Server OS Linux 5.4.0-166-generic
  • Database Driver mysql
  • Database Version 10.5.22-MariaDB-1:10.5.22+maria~ubu2004-log
  • Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:117.0a) Gecko/20100101 SeaMonkey/2.53.18
  • Profile Language: German

Plugins installed

ApplicationBranding     4.0.0
AutomaticActionUX       2.6.0
Customizer              1.14.2
Group_assign            1.8.2
KanboardSearchPlugin    1.1.0
MarkdownPlus            1.1.3
PasteImageToMarkdown    1.0.3
PluginManager           4.7.0
ProjectInvitation 	1.0.0
Self-Registration 	1.0.8
SubtaskDescription 	1.1.3
TagManager              1.6.0
Task2pdf                1.8.0
Wiki                    0.3.2

Same Problem in a differen KANBOARD 1.2.32 Installation!

Problem also does exist for plugin installation with “normal” build in Plugin Manager (uninstalled PluginManger plugin.
Plugin “MarkdownPlus” will not become updated.

Plugin MarkdownPlus even will not be installed from normal built in Plugins manager after I successfully deleted it from my installation using built in plugins manager (checked also via ftp).

After manual installation (adding unzipped MarkdownPlus to plugins folder of my installation KANBOARD installation was completely messed. Nothing works. After I replaced it by MarkdownPlus 1.1.3 from my backup everything works fine again.

So my conclusion is:

MarkdownPlus 1.1.4 is broken, at least for my KANBOARD installations.

I opened an issue for this.

Hi Rainer,
Thanks for the warning!

The archive of MarkdownPlus is indeed broken. It doesn’t contain a subdirectory for the namespace.

This is relatively easy to repair. Please find a working, or at least installable, :wink: archive here:

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Ah, thx, I will try immediately

Some first tests:

  • KANBOARD installation works fine with Afred’s :+1:
  • Several pages with html contents :+1:
  • Checkboxes :+1:

No Problems! Nowhere!

Thx a lot!

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Should have mentioned: I added folder MardownPlus manually. Will test Installation via UI later.

Nonsense, I can’t update via UI before we have an update on GitHub

I heard via GitHub issue that problem has become repaired. Reason was broken .zip.
All my tests incl. Installation via UI and Plugin PluginManager were successful, now works fine.