Question to the developers


How and when is decided the deployment of a new release ?


Can’t wait for the next release ! :smile:

Actually depends only on Fred. I don’t know if he follows any schedule, but the longest wait was 2 months

But if you don’t wanna wait you can run it directly from master. I thought it was necessary to make the archive, but is actually not. Just git clone the repo to your web root and voila it runs the current code

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Version 1.2.18 is from “December 28, 2020”, it’s been three months without a release at the time of writing this.

Couple of cool [1] new features and fixes aren’t release yet: Comparing v1.2.18..master · kanboard/kanboard · GitHub

Hopefully “Fred” is reading this too :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

[1] Opinionated, because I created some of these :slight_smile: