Use semantic versioning

Possibly a controversial topic, but …

Would it be possible for Kanboard to use semantic version numbers? At the moment it looks like Kanboard uses them, but it doesn’t - e.g. breaking changes and new features in version 1.2.11.

It would be handy from a deployment point of view to know what to expect from a release; so that I could safely say that for micrements in a minor version number (e.g. v1.2.10 -> v1.2.11) I only need to do some cursory checks to see if it’s working, perhaps slightly more detailed ones for v1.2.10 -> v1.3.0, and I definitely need to do quite thorough checks, at least on the things that’ve changed, for v1.2.10 -> v2.0.0.

I know there’s some kind of vanity/ego thing in the OS community about incrementing version numbers, a kind of ‘cult of the patch’. I’ve been a terrible offender of that myself in the past, but once you break through to understanding version numbers as communicating important information it’s far less of an internal barrier.

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I’m not the greatest when it comes to semantic versioning, and probably fail with many of my plugins to get it right. But if had 1 dollar to my name, and had to bet that dollar on the one person here that I would think would get it correct, and have faith in their reasoning, in order to achieve 2 dollars to feed my belly, I would bet that 1 dollar on @fred.