Recommended Font for Kanboard

Does anybody know how to get the recommended font for Kanboard?

Kanboard specifies: font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

On Windows 10 my Kanboard always fallsback to Arial in the browser; Helvetica Neue or Helvetica is not available by default and there are so many different versions online.

Does anybody know which version would work with Kanboard?

Arial is Microsoft’s Helvetica.

But: Helvetica Neue Font Family : Download Free for Desktop & Webfont

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oh I tried that link… but it doesnt pick up the name set by the Kanboard CSS file - could be a different version.

Arial is a crap alternative to Helvetica - they are hardly similar.

I think it calls for a new font-only plugin…now I realise why my Kanboard default looks so crap as it is using Arial… I never focussed on it before as I thought the font was included with Kanboard but it’s actually not.

Could you please add some screenshots, to document what it looks like?
TBH, I have no complaints regarding fonts, as I’m using Kanboard with Firefox on Linux.

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Yes I will, I have just started a skeleton copy and working on the files.

Arial is way too blocky and wide for me on computer and laptop compared to other fonts. Also, it looks too bland and plain. I would’ve stuck with Helvetica if it was on my system but it isn’t.

Then I thought of Open Sans, which I have used in the past and its nice on the eye and on the design with a lot more styles. e.g. I use normal (400) and bold (700) but for headings and texts in my plugins, I use bolder (600) … but Arial will see its as 700 and make it very black blocky bold.

After that I thought, why not have a few open source fonts included with the plugin which dont connect to a third-party service like Google… in line with data privacy for such an internal application (Kanboard).

But yeah, once I got something working, I will send a screenshot.

I think the naming will be handled by the OS.

I agree, there seems to be many versions on the net for Windows… some with or without space and then other words as part of the name.

I think it is better to go open source with fonts… the plugin should be light with only one selected font loaded and I get more styles etc.

This is the Open Sans example:

I have downloaded the fonts from the link I gave you above, installed, just to see any difference.
There might be a very slight difference on Linux, but IMHO it’s not worth the effort.

the thing is Helvetica after all the versions I tried, doesnt get picked up by my browser as the one Kanboard is defining. Arial is too old and doesnt look nice in any of my plugins.

My KanboardCSS uses Open Sans but that’s because I have it installed locally… but that’s not good for other users so I need something independent.

Forcing users to install fonts is indeed a bad practice. Providing fonts in an OS task, the app specifies a favorite font and a list of possible alternatives.

Yes correct but for the desired result, users can optionally install a plugin and change the font style of the site.

The favourite and alternatives in Windows are not to my liking.

For the moment, I’m just playing with it to see if my mind matches what I’m doing… let’s see

This means, you’re just tweaking the style sheet?

font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

yes and loading the relevant web font (comes with the plugin)

… in theory

Here I disagree. Once again:

that’s cool but webfonts are loaded for the web page and not installed on the system… so once the cache etc is cleared those fonts are gone too. It is website-specific… Github, BBC both have their own to name two common sites, they have fallbacks too.

It’s pretty common to use webfonts across websites these days. The fallback (if correctly coded) is always the system font.

Nice! But, as font-selection is a theming task, my EssentialTheme, including the original, and probably some other theme plugins, are falling back to

font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

How to deal with this?

I have some more:

  • Google Fonts are licensed under the Open Font License. You cannot simply change it to MIT, maybe you should mention this somewhere. (LICENSE or README)
  • I’m still waiting for some screenshots, that show how the Arial font looks on your Windows system. This was the motivation for creating this plugin.

I need to check it, I only tested on a clean no-theme installation.

On EssentialTheme, it works as intended:

Even on KanboardCSS, it works as intended:


I mentioned Google Fonts in the README I will put a point for the licenses.

I will post my screenshots later today.