Rename "changed the assignee of the task" to "assigned task"

I’m trying to rename the task change of assignment notification. I’d like to change from this format:
“admin changed the assignee of the task #123 to Evans”
“admin assigned task #123 to Evans”
Where can I begin? Any pointers will be of much help.
Thanks in advance.

simple template override.

Wouldn’t that template file be overwritten by a Kanboard upgrade?

Another option might be using the Overwrite Translation plugin. You probably need to create a folder /App/Locale/en-US and copy a translation file from one of the other folders to that newly created folder. That file can be changed, and those changes will be persistent. No need to know the file containing the original string.

if you create a plugin, with a “template override”…you can upgrade, downgrade, kanboard all you want, the override will always remain.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. Remains that creating your own custom strings might be easier for a non-developer with the locale method, since you don’t need to know which templates are involved. Do you agree?

I would agree, if i didnt previously link the exact template needed to be overriden.

I would agree for other cases, but in the current one we have to introduce a NEW language-term!

priocomdevops wants to change “admin changed the assignee of the task #123 to Evans” to become “admin assigned task #123 to Evans”

The existing language-term is this:
'%s changed the assignee of the task %s to %s'

but we need something like this:
'%s assigned task %s to %s'

I’ll try this out, Thank you very much Sir.