Restrict project member who can edit time tracking


I’m a freelance software developer and use Kanboard for client communication. I can’t seem to find a way to allow my clients to login to the board and have access to add comments to all tasks but not be able to delete any task or change estimated/actual subtask totals. Is this possible?


Make them a project viewer, install this plugin.


Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to upgrade I’m on version 1.0.43.


Dude…upgrade. honestly, might work on 1.0.43, Its just a hook and accessmap. I’ll check tonight, I think I have a 1.0.43 test container somewhere.


Works just fine in v1.0.43

temporary test site:
user: test_viewer
pw: test123

You’ll have to install manually though, because it won’t show up in the plugin directory.

use the latest release: