Set default view of the Calendar

I use the calendar to schedule the weekly activity of my team members.
When I access the calendar, the default view is the month view.
I would like to set the week view by default.
Is this possible?
Can you tell me what to do?
Thanks in advance.

Quick & dirty hack, try this at your own risk.

I could achieve this by a simple one-liner. In file plugins/Calendar/Assets/calendar.js
change line 10 from

var mode = 'month';


var mode = 'agendaWeek';

This seems to work, but I have no clue whether there will be any side effects.

Hello alfredb,

Thanks for your reply.
This works perfect with no side effects at this time (I use this configuration since two days).

To the developer team, is it possible to implement this parameter in the common configuration file or in the configuration menu of the application (to set default calendar view to month, week or day) ?

Thanks all for your help.

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Of course this is possible, but I think they won’t do it, as the project is marked as “unmaintained”. Very unfortunate.

Dear alfredb,

I did not notice that the project was not maintained…

Where did you find this information please ?

Pending your reply.

From calendar github repo.

Thank you for the information.

This is too bad because this feature is very useful.
Perhaps there is a project to integrate this feature into the heart of the application as a replacement for the plugin?