Show start date in board view


I’d like the start date to show up right next to the due date in board view, just like it is in list view. Is there a quick fix?

Paste this code:

    <?php if (! empty($task['date_started'])): ?>
        <span title="<?= t('Start date') ?>" class="task-date">
            <i class="fa fa-clock-o" role="img" aria-label="<?= t('Start date') ?>"></i>
            <?= $this->dt->date($task['date_started']) ?>
    <?php endif ?>

in between line 60 and 62 of Template/board/task_footer.php

That’s the quick way. Just remeber, if you ever upgrade Kanboard, you will loose this edit, unless you create a plugin. Make sure you restart your server after the code edit.

Thanks for the reply. My installation is on a shared web hosting service. What’s the alternative to restarting the server?

I dont know. you can try it without restarting, but if your server is caching php, you’re likely to not see a change.