[Solved] Sidebar is missing on new install

I just installed kanboard (latest v1.2.35) on a new box running xubuntu 22.04, and the sidebar appears to be missing. I have enabled and then disabled the MinimizeSidebar plugin, thinking perhaps the plugin was buggy, but doing so made no difference.

I’m sure whatever the issue is, it is going to be something obvious I have overlooked; however, I have scoured the setting pages looking for anything to do with the sidebar and found nothing. In addition, I have installed many different versions of kanboard, always on *nix box, without remembering to having to ever need to do anything particular to get the sidebar working.

Any ideas what the issue might be or suggestions how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I did try opening the kanboard webgui with different browsers, and the issue is the same regardless.

Ok nm. I ran thru force re-installing all of the packages again in case I missed something, and replaced 1.2.25 with 1.2.32, and the sidebar was now available as expected, and the MinimizeSidebar plugin worked as expected as well once enabled.

I then downloaded 1.2.35 again and re-installed that, and now the sidebar works as expected.