Suggestion about french translation of "Tag"

Hi !

I’m french, and I’d like to know why you translated :uk:tag” to :fr:libellé” in french.
Don’t you think it would be better to use :fr:libellé” for :uk:label”, and translate :uk:tag” to :fr:étiquette” as I already seen in most translations like Dokuwiki .

It would also avoid a little confusion with “link’s labels”.
Yet, I’m using plugin “Overwrite translation” to do this, but I though it would be a good question wouldn’t it ?

Thanks for your feedback ! (particularly if your are using french language in your Kanboard).


I had the same thinking when I started using kanboard.
I was used to the word “tag”, both in French and in English.

Now i’m getting used to the word “libellé”, and my users too.
However, I don’t like the word “étiquette” :frowning:

I also prefer the word “Mot-clef”*, but I usually use it to translate “keyword”.

* I’ll always write “clef” never “clé” (Am I getting old ?)

However, I still believe translating “tag” to “libellé” is a mistake.

Most of other application uses “Etiquette” : Mozilla Firefox (bookmarks), Thunderbird, Evolution, Gramps.
And most of English / French dictionaries too.

I can understand some of Kanboard’s “old” French-speaking users are used to “Libellé”. But it can be really confusing for new users when he first see “Libellé” on the first hand, and “Catégories” on the second one (as I was the first time I had to set Kanboard and projects).