Tags vs categories?

I’m confused: I’d like to hear some thoughts on tags and categories. I don’t know how to ‘tell’ the difference. Does anyone have some use cases?

Personally I use categories to describe the specific area of the project, then tags to describe what it is - e.g.

Example categories: Main UI; My Cool API; My Other Cool API; Backend code; Infrastructure
Example tags: Bug, Enhancement, New feature, Data/Config

From the category it’s easy to see all work available for a given component (filter by “category:Main UI” to get everything that applies to that section of the code)

From the tag, I have a quick idea of what the change is - a bug, adding a new feature, etc

you can consider categories as primary tags

I think the only noteworthy difference is that categories are rigidly defined at the project/board level (it’s a combobox widget), whereas tags can be “improvised” on the spot when editing a task (since it’s a text entry widget)? You can also have multiple tags on a task but only one category on it…

my use case:

I use category to define the customer, i.e. Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, etc…
I use tags to define attributes of the current task, i.e. product types, planograms, packaging, proof, samples, design, etc…

I also use one board for projects, and one board for tasks that relate back to the overarching projects