Task Templating


I’ve recently found “Create tasks in bulk - Template for the task description” feature, but can’t see to find 1.documentation nor 2.working functionality about how to create a task template.

Is there something on this feature I could not find?

Also, as I’m very interested in a feature like this, let me know if anyhow I can contribute.

Use case:
Paste a well known string like “My user story - As a User X I would like to Y in order of Z” in the Create tasks in bulk feature.
The system is able recognize this well known string by task template and split/break the string by “-” as Task title and Task Description

Just hit that:
Where do I configure Task Templates? #4078

Which was not what I was expecting - although I can see a point in this feature of course.

Even so, I would still very much like a feature as I described :smiley:

Can some core member show me the way I can make a pull request for it?

Hi. Actually, this point irritates me as well. Would be great to have some more info on this point.