The Tiki platform implemented kanban functionality

This is not about Kanboard per se, but I thought this might interest some of the people here who like to look at what else is out there every now and then: Tiki, a Free and Open Source web platform (it’s kinda hard to describe because it pretty much does everything), recently implemented a preliminary kanban “plug-in” into their feature set, and I’m quite excited by that. Last year I spoke with the developer who did the initial implementation of kanban in Tiki, and he does understand the huge feature set required by proper kanban, so it gives me hope in a future-proof scalable solution integrated with the Tiki trackers functionality, because currently I feel trapped in Kanboard. I love Kanboard, but its performance limitations, scalability and maintenance state worry me a bit, for my very-long-term use.

I also like the thought of having kanban functionality integrated with Tiki’s general ticket/tracker functionality, and integrated with wiki pages (for internal team documentation, or public website integration, etc.) and file attachments and the other gazillion features Tiki offers as built-in modules (they call them plugins, but they’re not really third-party-shipped plugins like we’ve seen in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Kanboard… they’re rather built-in modules, I would say. So their approach solves the typical plugin problems).

Tiki is kind of exceptional in the way they handle their project sustainably (the project has been going on for over 20 years), and they are a very actively maintained project with an established team of dozens of regular contributors, so I have a good amount of confidence that over time this feature will become rock-solid, capable of handling large teams and large amounts of data.

I haven’t tried this feature myself yet (I’m hoping to do so “soon”, when I get around to installing Tiki 25.x on a spare server at home for my own use; I think there will be a 25.1 release coming this month, according to this page), but I’d be curious to hear your experience with the kanban “plugin” if any of you have decided to try it out, keeping in mind that this feature is (as I understand it) very new and might have some rough edges (and if you encounter bugs in it, the official Tiki bug tracker would be the place to report them, not the Kanboard forums :wink: …)

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I felt the same as you, trapped in Kanboard. But the problem is, NOTHING I can find matches Kanboard. Sure its not clear on the looks but the functionality cannot be matched anywhere and I have been looking for 7 years.

Look at my plugins, some of them at least should be able to help you in your daily work. I highly recommend you look at PluginManager. That beast gives a very good insight into which plugins are being updated which can build some confidence on your usage I hope.

I won’t try Tiki, only because it is a CMS with a kanban plugin. Kanboard is a kanban application, extended further through plugins. It’s not the same.

Kanboard lacks a lot, but what it gives in functionality, no other application seems to focus on.


im not sure i agree with these so called plugin problems in the same sense. sure, i do see the problems in general, and the issues highlighted, but i think kanboards ease of extending via plugins makes it versatile. and all the current plugins, problems or no problems gives you all the tools and a good start to fix your own problems. if however, you arent able to solve those problems on your own, then maybe its not for you. different is not a problem.

its like vehicles. do you want some new one, that has very few if any aftermarket parts, that you have someone else fix for you and most likely wont be able to modify without great expense, albeit, it rarely brakes. or do you want something thats been on the market for ages, has a gizzilion aftermarket parts, and even you can learn to fix on your own and modify at very low cost. its preferences.

its why i use Kanboard, and own a 99 jeep tj. because thats my prefernce, definitely not a problem.

and just because i like to fix my own stuff, doesnt mean you can bring your jeep over to my house and ask me to fix it for you. now that would be a problem, unless of course, i was compensated for that time. see how the world works.

but we do have somewhat of a community here, where we can all guide each other into fixing problems, offer support or expertise, allowing us to all accomplish our kanboard goals.