Unable to Remove User


the function to delete a user does not work. The hourglass appears and stays.
No Error appears… No log file…
The file /app/Api/Procedure/UserProcedure.php is the original.

Version 1.2.21



My Configuration

  • KANBOARD Application version: 1.2.22 on all-inkl.com
  • PHP version: 7.4.28
  • PHP SAPI: fpm-fcgi
  • HTTP Client: cURL
  • OS version: Linux 4.15.0-177-generic
  • Database driver: mysql
  • Database version: 5.7.37-nmm1-log
  • Plugins: Wiki, ProjectInvitation, MarkdownPlus and Task2Pdf
  • Browser: SeaMonkey (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/68.0)


My Role: Administrator

  1. I added a new user via Users Management
    » no more action (confirmation by user, …) required, the new User appears in Users List

Now I try to remove new user:
11. ˋClick ▼ right from my Avatar Image → Users Managementˊ
12. ˋClick ▼ left form Avatar Image of user I want to remove → Remove ˊ
» Action will be done, User will have vanished from Users List

a) What exactly is your problem? Please contribute a step by step instruction how to reproduce it
b) Still a problem with KANBOARD 1.2.22?

Hello Rainer,
nice that you signed up!

As already written, after the request to delete (click on Remove), I get an hourglass and nothing happens anymore.
With database means I can determine that the user still exists in the database. It sounds like missing rights, but I go with the admin or as a “simple user” with admin rights.

I was hoping that it was a known bug in the delete routine but apparently not.

If it works in general then no problem. It rarely happens to me that I delete the users manually in the database.

Thanks again

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Maybe, yes. But it could be a sign that something with your installation isn’t working properly.

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Yes Alfred, since I didn’t get an error message during the installation, I was hoping that someone here would have an idea.
Logically, my admin can do anything except delete users. So I guessed it was a script error. I checked the delete script (original) (CHMOD too). What else can be wrong?

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I’d enable logging as a first step, see details in the docs. If the request reaches the server, but the database isn’t touched, there must be an error somewhere in between.

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Being able to read is an advantage…
Turned on debug mode and saw that there was a problem with the subtask_time_tracking table. I created a new table and it works

Thank you Alfred
Thank you Rainer


Glad to hear I could help. Please don’t forget to disable the logging for normal operation.