Warning: filemtime()

I got this message after installing some plugins.

Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/app/js/offline in /var/www/app/app/Helper/AssetHelper.php on line 26 can anybody help?


Is this to do with the Offline plugin by any chance? Or do you have it installed?

Thank ypu very much for promt response. Yes I beleive so. I did install offline plugin.

I am totally new

After the plugins installation, I am also receiving security message when loging in.

No worries… in that case if you’re new and able to install plugins, I strongly suggest you install PluginManager and KanboardSupport.

PluginManager shows the Offline plugin as rather old, so as a new user I would not bother with it.

PluginManager (for plugins) and KanboardSupport (for settings and troubleshooting) will help you a lot to understand your system and install plugins with more information to hand.

I installed both plugins. but the application will not let me do anything further. All I was able to do, is install this plugins: PluginManager and KanboardSupport.

Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/app/js/offline in /var/www/app/app/Helper/AssetHelper.php on line 26

This message remains

You need to remove the Offline plugin

I tried that, but it does not let me uninstall either.

If you have server access, just delete the Offline folder under /plugins

Not sure how to do that, but I will look into it

You need to delete the folder OfflineKanboardPlugin here > /plugins

You mean, you could install plugins but cannot uninstall them now?

Hi, thank you all very much for interest in solving my problem

Yes , I was able to install but not able to uninstall. I managed to install pluginmanager but after, I was not able to perform any actions. Not even with PluginManager- Well after not being able to uninstall the offline plugin, I really din not try any other action with pluginmanager.

Outside pluginmanager I still could not perform any other actiom.

I asked a friend that has a bit of experience using the terminal, and was able to erase the “offline” folder from the plugins folders. Everything seems to be working now. The warning message does not appear any more.

Do you think it is safe to try the offline plugin again? or should I keep away from it?

Thank you very much for your help. let me know if There is something I can help with.

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Great, it was the ‘Offline’ plugin which was blocking your Kanboard.

Do not use it again simply because it is not compatible with your setup and the same for most other users as it has not been updated for a long time.

I fully agree with @aljawaid.

The latter, forget it.

This plugin is used to automatically alert users when they’ve lost internet connectivity.

Only install plugins that make any sense and you really use. Notifying the loss of connectivity is clearly an OS task.

The plugin also throws a JavaScript error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘,’ offline:6:37

IMHO this plugin should be kicked from the directory, or at least marked an incompatible.

EDIT: Oh wait. There are two of them:

Andrei Volgin, ipunkt Business Solutions 1.0.0
This plugin is used to automatically alert users when they’ve lost internet connectivity.
Last updated: 2019-10-17, about 3.9 years ago.

ipunkt Business Solutions 1.0.0
Last updated: unknown.

I can confirm that it breaks the uninstallation of ANY plugin!

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Well, out of curiosity, I was searching for the source of the issue.

The JS error mentioned above has stopped the loading of any further JS on the page. As a consequence, the modal confirmation box couldn’t come up, no uninstall.
The JS error comes from not supplying default config values.

Fill in some values, save them and you’re fine.

I didn’t check the core functionality of the plugin, but install/uninstall works again.

“ipunkt Business Solutions 1.0.0” Is the one I was using.

I beleive I will better stay away from it

Thank vwry much