Backlog with Bigboard


TL;DR: (Temorary) Fix for Bigboard & Backlog incompatibility: replace /kanboard/plugins/Bigboard/Template/table_container.php with /kanboard/plugins/Backlog/Template/table_container.php

i recently set up a Kanboard Instance for the Company i am working at.
In the process i tried to meet the Boss’ requirements and wishlist for the software as best as possible.

Soon i found both the amazing plugins Backlog and Bigboard but had to notice that they are not compatible to each other, as referenced in Backlobs Github or this issue

There is an easy Temporary fix for this, which brings its own (way more convenient) problem(s) along with it. But i and all of our users, especially the Boss, are way happier with the “fixed” version. You just have to replace /kanboard/plugins/Bigboard/Template/table_container.php with /kanboard/plugins/Backlog/Template/table_container.php.

For our Viewing Only purposes of the Bigboard this is working really fine.

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backlog board is not working, i gave up on that plugin long ago. its riddled with issues, that at the time i just could not solve. use at your own risk.