Daily or weekly digest instead of instant email?


is it possible to adjust email notifications so that a project member will get daily or weekly digest instead of instant email notification? I did not find such a preference in the settings.

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For “open” projects a workaround is to subscribe the RSS feed and to adapt the feed reader settings matching with user’s needs.

This would be very good for a lot of use cases but I dont know how to create it.

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Of course most elegant way would be to offersomething like that in the forum itself.

Gut it’s also possible to create a private digest for each user. Its Something with a littly derivation:

You can create a RSS feed!

Required Link –for example: Kanboard - Latest posts
(The forum offers several additional ones).

With a feed reader (Thunderbird has one, my Internet-Suite SeaMonkey, too) you can create a Feed and adjust in feed reader how often it should look whether there is new contents. And will list all new Items since last survey.

Feed readers

are – for example:



great but i was more thinking of a weekly/daily/monthly email

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If no forum specific email solution can be found:

  1. Blogtrottr sends (weekly) Mail to Mailing list (Needs to be created) “Weekly digest new Postings” from RSS feed “Weekly digest new Postings”
  2. Mailing list forwards Mail to subscribers.
    I am using something similar to inform all interested persons that the digital version of the newspaper of our hood is online.
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