ESC key behaviour is inconsistent and disrupting

I’m doing my best to not compare with Trello too much, since you’re only crossing paths on certain features. That said, one of the mose useful UX features of Trello is the Esc key behaviour, which very consistently takes you to the board you’re currently working with.

The Esc key behaviour in Kanboard is, lacking. In the documentation this is written in the Keyboard shortcut section: Close dialog box = ESC
This is true, but only in very limited situations. For instance, if you were to add a new card, a dialog box shows up, and you can only close this with ESC if no input field has focus.

Also, opening a card for some reason doesn’t bring a dialog up, but instead you get a “page” view, in which you can’t press Esc to go back, because you’re not in a dialog. This can be somewhat mitigated with v b which takes you back to the board.

All in all, could we please get a more Trello like behaviour with the Esc key at least? I really want to use Kanboard, but the inconsistent behaviour of keys forces me to be reminded of that I have to reach for my mouse more often than I’m comfortable with.