Help needed after updating from 1.2.14 to .15

Hello everyone!

I followed the official instructions to perform the update but I encounter one problem:

  • I can’t identify myself on the new version (bad credentials)

and I have one question :

  • how to migrate my plugins? Just a copy of the directory ?

Here’s what I did:

  • Decompress the new archive
  • Copy the data folder into the newly uncompressed directory
  • Copy the plugin folder into the newly uncompressed directory
  • Copy config.php
  • directory data is well writeable by my web server user
  • restart nginx

Did I miss something ?

If someone could give me a lead, that’d be cool !

(Serveur Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Nginx - Certbot - SQlite - PHP 7.2 - Plugins Customizer, Gantt, Project Invitation, KanboardSearch, Calendar, Task2pdf)

I just copied the new data to older point, but before that I made a copy of both data and files.

I realized that the new version erases previous configuration so that you’ll have to set everything again.

If anyone knows a better approach please share it.