How to implement a plug-in for beginners

Hi everybody,
Am new here and am wondering, if there is a step by step tutorial for beginner to implement plugins!

I need a plugin to show the tasks of multiple projects (you can configure it) in the same calendar view.
May be it is easier to patch the calendar plug-in for that. But I do not seem to grasp where I should start and what file need to be patched for what!


Welcome to the forum.

Your goal rather high, maybe too high for a beginner. I recommend starting with something easier, simpler. Just to avoid getting doomed.

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That is quite discouraging :frowning:
Is there any good step by step tutorial ?
I am keen on understanding which file is doing what, and when it will be rendered/called


For the basics

For advanced, look at others plugins and learn from that.

You can also ask questions, here or if you want quick support