How to prevent cards from disappearing after closing them?

Like any Kanban board, the last step of the flow is the one where the process finishes. So, when I move the card to there I still have to close the task. When I do that the task disappears one, in background, its “is_active” value of the “tasks table” is changed to “0” so that the card is not showed anymore.


how to prevent cards from disappearing after closing them?
how to add a trigger in a way that moving to the last column the card is finished?

You can use “automatic actions” in the Project preferences to set the task to close when it is moved to a specific column. You can also always look at closed tasks by filtering tasks to “status:closed” on your filtering/search box inside projects.

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Hummm…it worked fine! I had to clear the filter to “status:any”, it was set as “status:open” that’s why they were away of the board.

Another question:

On the global vision page, the last column stands as zero after the card is finished.

is there any way to set it to show both the amount of cards finished and on the last column?

Thank you very much!

@tamielbr…Sure! I did it. But let me explain what behavior I would like. Kanboad by default only shows open cards. When an user moves a card to the last column, the card just vanishes. So, we can filter it. The best visualization to me would be something like that:

I can close a task, but it should be there until I archive it. Because Kanban is related to visualization, it is good to provide a way to show what is going on. It would be nice that I could set the board up regarding where the process STARTs and where it ENDS.

Also, cards in the column show always be displayed the summary page of the project. They represent what was done.

Got it?

I’m not sure I do but - but in case you want to visualize tasks that were closed, wouldn’t it just be easier to create a column for finalized tasks? You can also create automatic actions to move them there. Unless you actually want the ‘closed’ task value to change (i.e., it would no longer actually ‘close’ the task but only ‘mark’ it as closed).

So, I think I didn’t explain it very well.

I wanted some approach to show both OPEN and CLOSED cards in just one visualization.

It is done only by typing something like “status:closed;open”

Final users often don’t know it even though if we provide them some information and support.

Yes. I have defined both automatic actions and a “done” column to accomplish my requirement.

I read the documentation and inspected the source code in order to understand how to add new features and I have coded this simple plugin that adds what I wanted

I still need to add this feature under kanboard repo.

I don’t know how.


To see all statuses, simply don’t use “status:” in the filter.

Its pretty self explanatory, no basic user should be confused, just delete the “status:open”

And to eliminate confusion, which there shouldn’t be, you can make a custom filter in the drop down, which is already part of the core kanboard code. That custom filter, which you could label as “view all statuses”, would literally be, nothing.