Looking for a card (task) voting system

Hi all,

it would be really helpful to our volunteers team using kanboard to be able to rate a task…

Does anyone know of a way to do this or create a plugin that could help us with this ?

Right now we’re using the comment system to let users give their appreciation of a task, but it’d be really helpful to be able to sort cards or create automatic actions depending on users votes.

Any idea would be welcome ! Thanks in advance,

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There is a numeric field complexity which you could use for a rating value.

like that?


Well, I’ve come across this one, but have no idea how it works. I installed it as described in the readme, but can’t see any new option…

Can anyone who’s using it maybe post a screen capture of what the Plugin actually does ?

Yes, I’ve seen this, but it’s not what I’m looking for…

What I’d like to achieve is more like a poll, if you wish, where each user of the team can give it’s own grade to the task (through a number of stars or making a choice in a numeric dropdown), and the card would show the average grade of the task, depending on the votes of several users…

ive never used it, its 5 years old so it probably needs an update. but it sounds to me like exactly what your looking for. weighted voting is a poll if not mistaken…

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I’ve checked more carefully and the only screen where I found some items related to the Weighted Voting System plugin is on my user dashboard - the 2 links on top “Pending voting” and “Users weight”

When I click on “Pending voting”, here’s the window that pops up :

and the other link has no effect.

any idea anyone ?

it needs some clemson orange on it… do it… do it… hahahaha

I wish I could help, but I dont understand the ‘weighting’ system… its either ‘like’ ‘follow’ or ‘star’ in my mind

I’m more looking for a “bad” “correct” “good” kinda thing. very basic would be fine.
:face_with_head_bandage: but I really can’t get trying to build my very first plugin right now… :computer: