"Send by email" feature on a task


I have 2 questions about the “Send by email” feature on a task

1 - Mutli recipients notification
Is it possible to send an email to multiple recipients at the same time ?
I could not find the right separator to do it
Getting message “Email address invalid”

2 - Auto-completion
Would it be possible to have auto-completion of already known emails in the user directory?

Regards :slight_smile:


  1. Use a comma to send the email to multiple recipients.
  2. If the project members have an email address in their profile, you will see a dropdown on the right to auto-complete the list of recipients.

Hello fred,

thanks for your reply :smiley:

We can’t make it works, but… BIG BUT !
I learned that we are not using the last version of Kanboard…
Actually 1.0.43 … ouch ! :fearful:

I think the difference in behavior comes from there
I will ask to the webmaster to update to last version

Edit: I checked the changelogs and these evolutions are in versions 1.0.45 and 1.10.0
Definitely yes need update…

Thanks again


Ah, this is Framaboard?

I don’t know Framaboard
Just Googled it, not related :stuck_out_tongue: