Set owner by default using web interface

Good day to Creators,

Thanks for Kanboard App.
In everyday using Kanboard, every time i start new record, i mostly forget set my person as owner for it. After saving, every time, i need to switch filters, to find this unownered record, edit and set my person in owner field, after all set back my filters. This moment crap my work time and set me tired. :frowning:

I think you can set owner with creator id, and make a setting in parameters of app, to set or to set not owner for records by default.

Sorry for bad english and again thanks to App, you are the best.


There is a difference between Owner and Assignee.

Do you want to set yourself as Assignee by default when you create a task ?

If you want so, you just have to use Automatic actions in the Project Settings.


And thanks!

For future viewers: in Automatic Actions need to select: “Assign the task to the person who does the action” and event name “Task creation”.

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