[Solved] Installation Plugin error

I just create a CentOS 7 server for kanboard and everything is going well but i want to install plugin.
Here is the probleme, I do all the installation instruction for plugin :

  • my directory is on mod 755
  • i have the zip extension
  • and i have the PLUGIN_INSTALLER on true

I want to install the SendEmailCreator and in the install instruction in the repository they just say

"Create a directory SendEmailCreator under the folder plugins

Copy all source files in this new directory."

But when i put the file in /plugins/SendEmailCreator/ and go on the extension part on my kanboard I can’t see anything
I don’t known what to do next. Little extra element my server don’t have access to Internet.

If you can help me I would be very grateful.

PS: Sorry for my english :sweat_smile:

I don’t know that plugin, but usually, I upload the zip-archive to the plugin subfolder and extract it there. This creates the directory.

Thanks for your answer,

I did what you said but there is no change and something i forget to say is that I have the message
“Your Kanboard instance is not configured to install plugins from the user interface”

Okaayyyyyyyy I find the probleme
When I extract the zip-archive the directory create was name “SendEmailCreator-master”
I just rename “SendEmailCreator” on i can see the plugin
Hope this can help someone
Bye :grin:

Then you took the wrong archive. Never user the source-archive.

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