Various Plugins: Tagi Plugins

agreed, but for github, the repo name IS the folder name… unless you remember to keep renaming your folder before every release.

TagiK is confusing for every plugin name to start with. I suggest dropping it. It will confuse users

Sorry, but I don’t see why. You cannot use the zips created by GitHub anyway.

I’m positive that in 2018, title must match getPluginName in plugin.php to allow update notification in plugin directory.

and that appears true today. Here is the compare:

so…bad things will still happen. Maybe you didnt know what i meant though.

But, you are also correct, folder name matters, repo name means didly squat.

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Ouff … well I totally understand and I found it a bit odd myself, to be honest. Still I will look what I can do, but:

  1. It took me an hour this morning to rename everything accordingly. :sweat_smile:
  2. I still do not want to have repos named in my Github, which I cannot see directly the connection to. E.g. in this case: it’s a Kanboard plugin: TagiKP = TagiKanboardPlugin. So either I find some feature in Github to maybe group such repos … or maybe I will think about it and get used to it in the end anyway.

I will inform you, when I did another renaming!

Do you, man.

every name aljawaid suggested to me, i chose the one he hated the most.

Put your mark on the world and be free.

now lets stop shitting up this mans plugin thread.

if it aint broke, dont fix it, and if it is broke, send a PR.

easy sir… I didn’t hate any of your suggestions…

anyhow, it is not up to me, it is not my repo, maybe I am just too open with my suggestions.

I just tested on Github to categorize my repos better. The only thing I came up was the topic feature. Still I somehow do not like it to e.g. have a repo called “HoursView” only. Who knows, maybe one day I write a similar plugin for another app and want to call it the same way (but honestly: very unlikely).

Another thing: in the code it’s much better for the eyes to have only “HoursView” instead of “TagiKPHoursView”.

What a tiny dilemma, haha. I might still change the names, since it indeed looks a bit more intuitive. There should be an additional plugin title in the Plugin.php, which would be used for giving the plugin a more human readable name, after all.

sarcasm 101, one day you will pick up on it.

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Well said, bro! I’m fully with you.

Hell no! There is the description for that purpose.

And there I am again, after changing the plugin names (again). Now it should be 100% intuitive. (;

throwing clemsonorange oranges at you hahaha

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As far as i understood: this plugin will add “something” directly on the task card. If i’am wrong: never mind :blush:

I can not judge this. Maybe it makes sense to extened the existing plugin with that function (feel free to contribute if so).

If this is not an option: never mind. Was just an idea, because i fear side effects if both plugins are in use be other users.

Cheers, Fx

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I have added your plugins to the list in the directory. Once merged, they will only show for users of (next release) PluginManager in the new Manual Plugins page.

This way, users will at least have access to your plugins and can decide which ones to manually use if need be.

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Thank you for adding my plugins to the list. I hope I will remember to update my READMEs then, if the plugins are available via your plugin then! (=

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Once you are ready to make them into Kanboard releases, you just need to switch remote_install to true in the plugins.json and they will be available to everyone with or without PluginManager.

But the download link has to be fixed first.

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Which ones and why? When I tested the first link, I was able to get a download at least.

probably because your download links are:

refs to a tag source zip.

this folder structure is incorrect and will not be installable.

you need to make your own zips with appropriate folder structure.

here is an example of a good zip:

made with Makefile:

alternatively, you could just use 7-zip to make your own archive with appropriate folder structure. I caution the use of windows zip.

when unzipped, your folder structure should be 1 main folder with the plugin name, and all the code and subfolders within that main folder.

Mailmagik            <= Plugin name
    ├── Action  
    ├── Assets  
    ├── Controller  
    ├── Template
    ├── vendor
    ├── LICENSE
    ├── Makefile 
    ├── Plugin.php   
    ├── composer.json
    └── composer.lock

the source zips, have folder>folder>code