Correctly accessing database?

I’m trying to update records in the ‘subtask_time_tracking’ database, and seem unable to make any changes to it. In the interests of seeing whether I’m even getting to the database at all, I’ve reduced my code to:

namespace Kanboard\Plugin\TimeSummary\Model;

use Kanboard\Core\Base;
use Kanboard\Model\SubtaskModel;
use Kanboard\Model\TaskModel;
use Kanboard\Model\UserModel;

class TimeSummaryModel extends \Kanboard\Model\SubtaskTimeTrackingModel
public function initBilled($userId, $lastBilled)
$items = $this->db->table(self::TABLE)
->eq(‘user_id’, $userId)
//->neq(‘end’, 0)
//->lte(‘start’, $lastBilled)
// ‘date_billed’ => time()
// ‘user_id’ => $userId

   echo "<br>items: ";
   echo count($items);
   if ($items->isEmpty())
       echo "<br>No items found";
       // Do other stuff


My output whether I comment out conditions or not is:

userId = 1
lastBilled = 1598744654
TABLE = subtask_time_tracking
items: 1
No items found

I have 5 items in my database that should match all conditions except the lte condition, which is on the middle item by date. For what it’s worth, if I include and mistype the column I added in for my plugin, $date_billed, it does give an error that it doesn’t exist, but nothing I do seems to actually get any results or make changes to any columns. Why do I not seem to be accessing the database properly?

It turns out I was correctly writing to the database, but the page where it was being read was still using the default paginator, which wasn’t including my new column in the query. I had to override the getUserQuery() in the SubtaskTimeTrackingModel in order to get that to load correctly.