How can we improve KANBOARD Plugins information?

Yes, and AFAIK it’s not limited to GitHub there are some on GitLab.

Actually, its easy to check, Gitlab or Github, just tested, works fine. That said…was about 30-35 secs to search

What are your thoughts on extending the file plugins.json by something like

"has_schema": true,

This could be added manually once for existing plugins.

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that would be excellent if it could work…

ideal would be:
last_updated (would be month/year)

If these were ever added AND I was ever able to target them, I could add within the table of the plugins directory (plugin) if statements so users knew before and after install which plugins had which properties.

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I’m very curious about how you want to stuff all this into your table. Here I’ve added another column for the schema, and the table looks already quite full. :wink:

green/red coloured icons in a fixed-width table column within the table

I’d prefer some kind of popup or tooltip message for these properties. Keep only name, author, version, compatibility, and the links directly in the table. Most users won’t care about more than the basic info. The more icons you put in, you’ll end up in require a legend somewhere.

haha its not old… the below comments by Alfred just hinted for me to try the code again on the show and not on directory and it worked! thats a start for me lol

Im trying to upgrade to the latest version bit by bit

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yeah I understand that, anyhow I always keep end-user information in mind as my users are visual learners.

Thanks to the rise of social media and icons, most of the new generation have forgotten how to read and just know how to look at pictures! hahaha

Needs styling, but this is my vision for the installed plugins…


Yeah, I see, looks nice!

BTW, something else: Could you maybe show the plugins name somewhat stronger, e.g. in bold letters? It should differ more from the description, now they are all the same.

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yes yes I feel the same, the plugin name will be more obvious… and also, I will split each plugin so it is easier for the eyes to focus on each plugin… to be honest, the plain tables across kanboard are just a mess… a total waste of using design to improve workflow… end users are not always developers (just like me)

improvement with a user notice… think i will try making this a page as the tooltip is too big even on small text. this is just a rough draft

After I’ve seen it – the icons are just fine.

Would definitely make it easy. My only thought would be, that someone has to go through and check every plugin to add that information, I doubt everyone would update their plugin in the json them selves.

I dont mind doing it over time… but do we need approval for this? But then somebody would need to guide me on how to target the property for plugins so I can use it in the upcoming KanboardPluginsUX.

$plugin['last_updated ']

Shall I just create a pull request to get approval from Frédéric before spending time on the code ?

$plugin['last_updated ']

Thats up to you, maybe just do one of your plugins that way and in the pull request ask if you can add it to all.

the thing is, I already broke the json file once by forgetting to include a comma… I can do it to one of my files but will it affect the rest of the json file? or is the property just ignored until it is called?